Run the Example App

The example app is bundled with your downloaded package from If the example app is not available, please contact your HERE representative.

To run an example app, follow these steps:

  1. Download and open the example project's directory.
  2. Import the Live Sense SDK as described in Add SDK to a Project.
  3. Open/import the project in Android Studio and sync the project.
  4. Update the AndroidManifest.xml. Use License Key, APP ID, and APP SECRET to authenticate your application.
  5. Run the example.

You can use following images to test the models.

  • Road Basics model

    Car and Person
    Figure 1. Car and Person
  • Road Hazards model

    Hazard cone
    Figure 2. Hazard cone
  • Road Hazards Signs model

    Hazard Sign
    Figure 3. Hazard Sign
  • Road Signs model

    Speed Limit 50
    Figure 4. Speed Limit 50
  • Road Signs model

    Speed Limit 70
    Figure 5. Speed Limit 70

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