HERE SDK for Android (Premium Edition)

HERE Android SDK Release Notes

New Features

The following list contains new features in the current release of HERE Android SDK:


  • Added ability to check whether user entered or left the school zone.
  • Added possibility to get truck restriction attributes on the road.
  • Extended routing API with the possibility to check whether user entered or left environmental zone with restrictions.
  • Exposed API to add and clear all items from Map Object list.
  • Added ability to get complete list of Voice Guidance text maneuvers for route before the navigation starts.
  • Added ability to get and set principal point of Map View.
  • Optimized data consumption for the map package downloading.
  • Improved rendering of traffic events.
  • Added encryption of collected probe data.
  • Added location data source based on Google Location Services API.
  • Improved contract declaring for public API.
  • Implemented API to check whether SafetySpot is ahead.