HERE SDK for Android (Premium Edition)

HERE Android SDK Release Notes

Resolved Issues

The following table summarizes major issues resolved in HERE Android SDK.

Table 1. Resolved Issues
# Description
1 Fixed flickering of MapOverlays during navigation.
2 Added penalties for controlled borders for Truck routing.
3 Fixed NPE in MapEngine class.
4 Fixed non-working GeocodeRequest.setLocale() method.
5 Fixed improper argument checks in GeocodeRequest constructor.
6 Fixed issue with wrong locale for the title of map packages.
7 Fixed issue with zero width of setPatterStyle line.
8 Allowed unset departure time in the RouteOptions.
9 Fixed MapMarker shift if the image was changed in MarkerDragListener.
10 Fixed wrong behavior of PositioningManager.stop() method.
11 Fixed redundant trigerring of onMapTransformEnd callback during navigation.
12 Fixed navigation manager callbacks triggering for traffic avoidance mode.
13 Fixed crash when using Scheme.REDUCED_DAY and Venue maps.
14 Fixed flickering of place icons and labels.
15 Implemented serialization for truck restrictions.
16 Fixed incorrect maneuver and corresponding voice guidance issue in Paris.
17 Issue with incorrect junction view at highways is a map issue and it will be fixed with the map release in April,2020.