HERE Android SDK Release Notes


  • This service is no longer being actively developed. We will only provide critical fixes for this service in future. Instead, use the new HERE SDK 4.x
  • HERE Premium SDK (3.x) is superseded by new 4.x SDK variants and the Premium SDK is in full maintenance mode with no feature development / enhancements.
  • Current users of the HERE Premium SDK (3.x) are encouraged to migrate to Lite, Explore or Navigate HERE SDK (4.x) variants based on licensed use cases before October 2023. Most of the Premium SDK features are already available in the new SDK variants.
  • Onboarding of new customers for Premium SDK is not possible.

The following highlights give a short summary of the most important changes, added functionality, and improvements:

  • The SDK has been updated to work with Android 13.
  • Added support of Android API level 33.
  • Various bug fixes in different modules (Traffic, Navigation, Search, Rendering).