HERE Android SDK Release Notes

Resolved Issues

The following table summarizes major issues resolved in HERE Android SDK.

Table 1. Resolved Issues
# Description
1 Fixed internal SDK crashes.
2 Fixed JNI crash with invalid utf-8 string.
3 Fixed position indicator visibility when switching between location data sources.
4 Optimized guidance for long FTCR routes.
5 Fixed setting custom parameters in FTCR rerouting.
6 Optimized route preview performance for FTCR.
7 Improve voice guidance for FTCR.
8 Fixed crash in FTCR response parser.
9 Fixed map wrong behaviour for Mercator mode.
10 Fixed satellite scheme rendering.
11 Improved transform center behaviour.
12 Fixed rerouting for FTCR.
13 Fixed issue with deserialization of truck route.
13 Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in Map class.
13 Fixed ANR issue when using PositioningManager API.