HERE Android SDK Developer's Guide

Android Emulator Support

Starting from v3.6, HERE Android SDK includes support for the x86 Application Binary Interface (ABI). The x86 ABI enables you to run apps with x86 Android Virtual Devices (AVD). Due to this change, the .aar file size available in the HERE SDK from is larger and contains the libraries for the newly supported ABIs.

For more information on ABIs, see

For more information on how to create x86 AVDs, see

Note: To get the best possible performance on an x86 AVD, install and enable Intel HAXM by following these instructions:

By default, you do not need to make any changes to your development environment to include x86 native libraries. However, any .apk file that you build with the HERE SDK will be larger, since it contains twice as many native libraries. Optionally, you can follow this guide to create multiple .apk files, with each containing native libraries for a specific ABI, and thus reducing application sizes.