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The package streetlevel is a member of

Package Summary


The streetlevel package provides classes, interfaces, and enumerations that display an interactive StreetLevelFragment.

Package Details

The streetlevel package provides classes, interfaces, and enumerations that display an interactive StreetLevelFragment. It also provides related functionality that allows your application to create and add street level content.

Some key classes and interfaces in this package are:


This class allows the developer to search whether a given GeoCoordinate is in range of a street level bubble within a given search radius. The search is asynchronous and is called back to the application via the interface Listener.


The StreetLevelFragment class is a UI view that can be embedded into an activity or fragment to render street level information.

For Example:

      android:layout_height="fill_parent" />


Represents a model for street level data. For areas with appropriate street level coverage, applications can get a StreetLevelModel from a getStreetLevelModel() to render 360-degree street level imagery.


A StreetLevel object represents a unique street level bubble. This object is retrieved by requesting a bubble with getStreetLevel(GeoCoordinate, int). For the best experience, the street level coverage should first be checked with StreetLevelCoverage.


The following is a list objects that can be created by an application to augment the street level experience. User objects can be added via addStreetLevelObject(StreetLevelObject)

The following is a list of proxy objects that can be fetched from interacting with a street level bubble. Proxy objects are returned when the user interacts with a street level and is called back via onObjectsSelected(List)

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