HERE Android SDK Developer's Guide

Map Schemes

The HERE Android SDK provides a variety of map appearances for your application to choose from, these appearances are otherwise known as map schemes.

Map.Scheme defines visualization types that the HERE map service supports. There is a variety of map schemes available that can be used, based on the specific use case:
  • Normal
  • Terrain
  • Satellite
  • Day or Night Time
You can set a desired scheme by making a call to the Map.setMapScheme(String) method.

Examples of Map Scheme

All available schemes are defined as constant strings in the Map.Scheme class. The following are examples of string values that you can use to set the map scheme in your application:

Figure 1. Scheme.NORMAL_DAY
Figure 2. Scheme.SATELLITE_DAY
Figure 3. Scheme.HYBRID_DAY
Figure 4. Scheme.TERRAIN_DAY

Setting a Map Scheme

The following example demonstrates how to retrieve available map schemes and change the current map scheme:

// Array containing string values of all available map schemes
List<String> schemes = map.getMapSchemes();
// Assume to select the 2nd map scheme in the available list

Listening for MapScheme Change Events

Applications can listen for map scheme change events by way of the Map.OnSchemeChangedListener:

map.addSchemeChangedListener(new OnSchemeChangedListener() {
  public void onMapSchemeChanged(String mapScheme) {
    // react to map scheme change here