Batch Geocoder API Developer's Guide

Geocoordinates for Multiple Addresses

To request the corresponding geocoordinates for a list of complete addresses, you need to follow three steps:
  • upload your data
  • wait until the geocoding process is done, alternatively check the job status
  • download the results

This quick start only shows the first step in this process. For examples of the other steps, see Get job status and Get job results.

To upload the data, send the following POST request:
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide./xref>.
POST body
0001|Invalidenstraße 116 10115 Berlin|DEU
0002|Am Kronberger Hang 8 65824 Schwalbach|DEU
0003|425 W Randolph St Chicago IL 60606|USA
0004|One Main Street Cambridge MA 02142|USA
0005|200 S Mathilda Ave Sunnyvale CA 94086|USA

The response to the above request includes the following high level elements:

  • RequestId that identifies the job created for the request which you can use to track the job progress and to request the results when the job is complete
  • the status of this job
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns2:SearchBatch xmlns:ns2="">