Batch Geocoder API Developer's Guide

Request lifecycles and jobs

The Batch Geocoder API handles requests asynchronously. When you submit a batch geocoding or reverse geocoding request, the response contains a RequestId element. This indicates that the service has accepted the request and the value of the element is a unique identifier for a processing job that corresponds to the request. The service allocates addressable space to the job and uses it to store the request data as well as any output and status information. Use the RequestId in building the path for your subsequent queries, for example, to retrieve job status and/or to trigger additional actions related to the job. The server stores jobs for 30 days after processing, which means you can re-retrieve previously completed jobs.

The possible job statuses are as follows:
  • accepted
  • cancelled
  • completed
  • deleted
  • failed
  • running
  • submitted
For more information on job statuses, see Job status.

To control jobs submitted to the Batch Geocoder API, use a combination of the RequestId in the request and one of the supported action request parameter values (cancel, run, or status). For more information, see API Endpoints and Request Parameters.