Batch Geocoder API Developer's Guide

Why use the Batch Geocoder API?

Use the Batch Geocoder API to geocode large data sets in one batch. Upload addresses or geographic coordinates that you have in a text file and download the complete results in one file when the job is done. The Batch Geocoder API saves you from sending individual service requests to the service address by address. And since the result is also in text form (delimited file format) your client application does not need to parse XML or JSON.

Jobs are processed asynchronously. Clients can either wait for an email notification or poll the status of the job and download the result when the job is completed.

For geocoding the input can be qualified addresses (structured input) or free-form search strings, both containing complete or partial address information. For reverse geocoding the input is geographic coordinates and an optional radius. The result per input is either a single record exactly matching the input or a sequence of records ranked by relevance when the input is ambiguous. In this respect the Batch Geocoder API works just in the same way as the transactional Geocoder API.

The service is for forward and reverse geocoding. Landmark geocoding is not available for batch at this time.