HERE EV Charge Points API
EV Charging Stations API Developer's Guide

Get charging station details

This section provides an example of a request for full static and dynamic information about a specific charging station.

User story

Based on the results of a search for charging stations, the user wishes to retrieve the full/updated information about a single charging station only.

Request summary

Resource: station/{id} – where id is an attribute of the evStation element with a unique value. Note that resource representation is specified via extensions .xml or .json. For more information, see Station Details.

Request example

Note: id values change without notice. If the id is no longer available in the resource, a 404 not found status message is returned.

The code block below demonstrates the complete request, specifying that the response data are to be delivered in JSON.

-H 'Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_TOKEN}"

Here is the same request indicating that the response data are to be delivered in XML.

-H 'Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_TOKEN}"

Response example

The response to the request contains:

  • information about the charging station
  • list of connectors at the charging station
  • connector detail information
  • dynamic connector availability information

The example response in JSON format is as follows:

  "hasMore": false,
  "evStations": {
  "evStation": [
    "poolId": "276u33db2r2h0-aGVyZS1ldjplY29tb3ZlbWVudDo4OTIyMDgzOTE",
    "totalNumberOfConnectors": 2,
    "connectors": {
      "connector": [
        "supplierName": "RWE eRoaming",
        "connectorType": {
        "name": "IEC 62196-2 type 2 (Mennekes)",
        "id": "31"
        "chargeCapacity": "380-480VAC, 3-phase at max. 32 A",
        "maxPowerLevel": 22.08,
        "customerChargeLevel": "3",
        "customerConnectorName": "AC EV connector (Mennekes - type 2)",
        "fixedCable": false,
        "connectorDetails": {
        "privateAccess": false,
        "open24x7": true,
        "openingTime": "0:00 - 24:00",
        "openingHours": {
          "regularOpeningHours": [
            "daymask": 127,
            "period": [
              "from": "00:00:00",
              "to": "24:00:00"
          "annualOpenings": []
        "pay": true,
        "manufacturer": "RWE"
        "chargingPoint": {
        "chargeMode": "3",
        "voltsRange": "380-480V AC",
        "phases": 3,
        "ampsRange": "32A",
        "numberOfConnectors": 2,
        "numberOfAvailable": 2,
        "lastUpdateTimestamp": "2019-03-12T13:36:40.919Z"
    "evStationDetails": {
      "paymentMethods": {
      "subscription": {
        "provider": "RWE eRoaming",
        "accept": true
      "note": "Mobile Payment Option Available",
      "creditCard": {
        "types": {
        "type": [
        "accept": true
      "cash": {
        "currencies": {
        "currency": [
        "accept": true
      "debitCard": {
        "accept": true
      "check": {
        "types": {
        "type": [
          "MONEY ORDER",
        "accept": true
      "ePayment": {
        "types": {
        "type": [
        "accept": true
      "other": {
        "types": {
        "type": [
        "accept": true
      "notes": "Ladestation RWE Effizienz GmbH"
    "address": {
      "city": "Berlin",
      "country": "DEU",
      "region": "Berlin",
      "street": "Luisenstraße",
      "streetNumber": "31",
      "postalCode": "10117"
    "contacts": {
      "phone": [
        "value": "+498002255793",
        "label": "PHONE"
    "position": {
      "latitude": 52.5199013,
      "longitude": 13.3800898
    "name": "RWE Effizienz GmbH",
    "id": "276u33db-b2c840878cfc409fa5a0aef858419037",
    "lastUpdateTimestamp": "2015-08-28T04:39:27.737Z",
    "timeZone": "Europe/Berlin"

The example response in XML format is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ev:evStationsResult xmlns:common="" xmlns:ev="" xmlns:fuel="" xmlns:parking-offstreet="">
    <evStation id="276u33db-b2c840878cfc409fa5a0aef858419037" lastUpdateTimestamp="2015-08-28T04:39:27.737Z" timeZone="Europe/Berlin">
      <name>RWE Effizienz GmbH</name>
          <supplierName>RWE eRoaming</supplierName>
            <name>IEC 62196-2 type 2 (Mennekes)</name>
          <chargeCapacity>380-480VAC, 3-phase at max. 32 A</chargeCapacity>
          <customerConnectorName>AC EV connector (Mennekes - type 2)</customerConnectorName>
            <openingTime>0:00 - 24:00</openingTime>
            <voltsRange>380-480V AC</voltsRange>
          <subscription accept="true">
            <provider>RWE eRoaming</provider>
          <note>Mobile Payment Option Available</note>
          <creditCard accept="true">
          <cash accept="true">
          <debitCard accept="true"/>
          <check accept="true">
              <type>MONEY ORDER</type>
          <ePayment accept="true">
          <other accept="true">
        <notes>Ladestation RWE Effizienz GmbH</notes>

For more details about responses to this type of request, see Stations Response.