HERE EV Charge Points API
EV Charging Stations API Developer's Guide

Get list of charging stations

This section provides an example of a request for a list of charging stations within a specified search geometry.

User story

In this example, the user wants to find a charging station with an IEC 62196-2 type 2 (Mennekes) connector for an electric vehicle within 5km of latitude 52.516667 and longitude 13.383333, which is in Berlin, Germany. The latitude and longitude values are in WGS 84 format.

Request Summary

Resource: stations , note that resource representation is specified via extensions .xml or .json.
Parameters: prox – indicates the area searched for charging stations; in this case the area is a circle defined by a point within Berlin and a radius of 5km.
  connectortype – indicates the type of connector required for a charging station to be included in the response; in this case 31IEC 62196-2 type 2 (Mennekes).

Request example

The code block below demonstrates the complete request, specifying that the response data is to be delivered in JSON.

Note: Substitute your own unique API key
-H 'Authorization: Bearer{YOUR_TOKEN}'

Here is the same request indicating that the response data is to be delivered in XML.

-H 'Authorization: Bearer{YOUR_TOKEN}'

Response Example

The response to the request contains:

  • Information about the charging stations.
  • Information about the connectors at charging stations.
  • Detailed information about the connectors at a charging stations.

The example response in JSON format is as follows:

  "hasMore": true,
  "count": 50,
  "evStations": {
    "evStation": [
        "poolId": "276u33db845jn-aGVyZS1ldjplY29tb3ZlbWVudDo4OTU5MDU0ODI",
        "totalNumberOfConnectors": 2,
        "connectors": {
          "connector": [
              "supplierName": "RWE eRoaming",
              "connectorType": {
                "name": "IEC 62196-2 type 2 (Mennekes)",
                "id": "31"
              "chargeCapacity": "380-480VAC, 3-phase at max. 32 A",
              "maxPowerLevel": 22.08,
              "customerChargeLevel": "3",
              "customerConnectorName": "AC EV connector (Mennekes - type 2)",
              "fixedCable": false,
              "connectorDetails": {
                "privateAccess": false,
                "open24x7": true,
                "openingHours": {
                  "regularOpeningHours": [
                      "daymask": 127,
                      "period": [
                          "from": "00:00:00",
                          "to": "24:00:00"
                  "annualOpenings": [ ]
                "pay": true,
                "manufacturer": "RWE"
              "chargingPoint": {
                "chargeMode": "3",
                "voltsRange": "380-480V AC",
                "phases": 3,
                "ampsRange": "32A",
                "numberOfConnectors": 2
        "evStationDetails": {
          "privateAccess": false,
          "restrictedAccess": true,
          "accessibilityType": "RESTRICTED",
          "paymentMethods": {
            "subscription": {
              "provider": "RWE eRoaming",
              "accept": true
            "note": "Mobile Payment Option Available"
          "notes": "Ladestation RWE Effizienz GmbH"
        "address": {
          "city": "Berlin",
          "country": "DEU",
          "region": "Berlin",
          "street": "Luisenstraße",
          "streetNumber": "31",
          "postalCode": "10117"
        "contacts": {
          "phone": [
              "value": "+498002255793",
              "label": "PHONE"
        "distance": 421,
        "position": {
          "latitude": 52.5199013,
          "longitude": 13.3800898
        "name": "RWE Effizienz GmbH",
        "id": "276u33db-b2c840878cfc409fa5a0aef858419037",
        "lastUpdateTimestamp": "2015-08-28T04:39:27.737Z",
      --- removed to shorten document

The example response in XML format is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ev:evStationsResult xmlns:fuel="" xmlns:common="" xmlns:ev="" xmlns:parking-offstreet="">
    <evStation id="276u33db-b2c840878cfc409fa5a0aef858419037" lastUpdateTimestamp="2015-08-28T04:39:27.737Z" timeZone="Europe/Berlin">
      <name>RWE Effizienz GmbH</name>
          <supplierName>RWE eRoaming</supplierName>
            <name>IEC 62196-2 type 2 (Mennekes)</name>
          <chargeCapacity>380-480VAC, 3-phase at max. 32 A</chargeCapacity>
          <customerConnectorName>AC EV connector (Mennekes - type 2)</customerConnectorName>
            <voltsRange>380-480V AC</voltsRange>
          <subscription accept="true">
            <provider>RWE eRoaming</provider>
          <note>Mobile Payment Option Available</note>
        <notes>Ladestation RWE Effizienz GmbH</notes>
    <evStation id="276u33db-822fe7352e204e36b733275c62e2ec4e" lastUpdateTimestamp="2015-08-28T08:53:33.834Z" timeZone="Europe/Berlin">
      --- removed to shorten document

For more details about responses to this type of request, see Stations Response.