HERE EV Charge Points API
EV Charging Stations API Developer's Guide


This document introduces the EV Charging Stations API, explains key concepts and provides examples and an API reference.

What is the EV Charging Stations API?

HERE EV Charging Stations API is a RESTful API that provides lists of charging stations within a specified area, including data on connector types, opening hours, and their location. EV Charging Stations API also provides dynamic data about connector availability at charging stations for electric vehicles, including full detailed and dynamic data for specific individual stations.

The EV Charging Stations API supports the following use cases:

  • Show lists of charging stations with information on location and facilities along a planned route or at a specified location.
  • Find charging stations with the correct type of charging connector for your electric vehicle.

For information on:

  • How to quickly set up and start using the EV Charging Stations API, see Get started - HERE developer portal.
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