HERE EV Charge Points API
EV Charging Stations API Developer's Guide

Connector Statuses

This article defines the current connector statuses supported by the EV Charging Stations API.

Note: Suppliers often do not currently provide this information.

Current Supported Connector Statuses

The current supported connector statuses are listed in the following table. Note that you can retrieve the list of connector statuses in the system with a request to the connectorstatuses resource.

Table 1. Current Connector Statuses
Id Name Notes
0 Unspecified  
1 Planned The provider plans to install this connector at the site.
2 Available The connector is available for charging an electric vehicle.
3 Charging The connector is currently being used to charge an electric vehicle.
4 Faulted An unintended electrical connection has occurred, which means the connector may need to be reset.
5 Unavailable  
6 Maintained  
7 Offline  
8 Reserved The connector has been reserved to charge an electric vehicle.
9 Other