HERE EV Charge Points API
EV Charging Stations API Developer's Guide


The ConnectorType structure contains information about an individual connector.

Table 1. ConnectorType elements
Element Data Type Mandatory Description
supplierName String No Supplier name
supplierContacts ContactType No Contact information for supplier
connectorType NameIdType No Id and Name element pairs with an integer value and descriptive name describing the connector type.

For more information on the current connector types, see Connector Types.

powerFeedType NameIdType No Details on type of power feed available
Note: This information is only available for charging stations in North America and Australia.

For additional information on the current powerfeed types, see Powerfeed Types.

chargeCapacity String No List of available charge capacity values for the connector. The values are separated with semicolon

Current supported values include:

  • Other
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 6A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 10A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 12A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 13A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 15A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 16A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 20A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 25A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 32A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 40A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 50A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 63A
  • 100-120VAC, 1-phase at max 70A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 2A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 5A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 6A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 10A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 12A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 13A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 15A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 16A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 20A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 25A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 30A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 32A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 40A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 50A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 63A
  • 200-240VAC, 1-phase at max 70A
  • 380-480VAC, 3-phase at max 16A
  • 380-480VAC, 3-phase at max 32A
  • 380-480VAC, 3-phase at max 63A
  • 500VDC, at max 50A
  • 500VDC, at max 75A
  • 500VDC, at max 100A
  • 500VDC, at max 125A
  • 500VDC, at max 200A
  • 500VDC, at max 120A
  • 500VDC, at max 110A
  • 240VDC, at max 60A
  • 240VDC, at max 30A
  • 480VDC, at max 75A
  • 500VDC, at max 60A
maxPowerLevel Float No Maximum charge power of connector in kilowatts.
customerChargeLevel String No Maximum power level index
customerConnectorName String No Name of the connector type
fixedCable Boolean No Boolean indicating if a cable is provided for the connector.

If true, then there is a cable for the connector at the station.

connectorDetails ConnectorDetailType No Details for connector
chargingPoint ChargingPointType No Dynamic information for connector
connectorStatuses ConnectorStatus No Dynamic connector status
lastUpdateTimestamp dateTime No Information about when the connector information was last updated, in ISO 8601 format. If the time is UTC, a Z is added. An example of this kind of timestamp value is 2013-12-31T12:00:00.000Z. If the time is not UTC , then the offset is added as a ±[hh][mm] value (for example, 2014-01-14T10:00:00.000+0100).