HERE EV Charge Points API
EV Charging Stations API Developer's Guide


The EVStationType structure contains information on an individual EV charging station.

Table 1. EVStationType elements
Element Data Type Mandatory Description
address AddressType No EV station address details
contacts ContactType No EV station contacts details
position PositionType Yes WGS84 format co-ordinates for EV station
entrancePosition PositionType No WGS84 format co-ordinates for the EV station's entrance
distance Integer No Distance to the specified location in meters. Only available when using prox or corridor search.
  • prox - direct distance by air
  • corridor - distance along the corridor path to the closest point along it to the target location, plus air distance from said closest point to the location.

    Example: if the distance along the corridor is 22km and the location is another 300m away from the corridor path then the result will show 22300m as the distance.

name String No EV station name
brand String No EV station brand name
poolId String No EV station pool ID
totalNumberOfConnectors Integer No Total number of charging connectors at EV station
connectors ChargingConnectorsListType No List of charging connectors at EV station
evStationDetails EVStationDetailsType No Additional details about of the EV charging station.