HERE EV Charge Points API
EV Charging Stations API Developer's Guide


The EVStationsListType structure contains a list of EV charging stations.

Table 1. EVStationsListType elements
Element Data Type Mandatory Description
evStation EVStationType No Information about an individual EV charging station

This element has the following attributes:

  • id - attribute of a String type with a unique Id for the charging station e.g. 826gcr80-88ee7f236c0f4c7da49c8b6336a2fe0a.
    Note: The value for this Id can change without notice.
  • pvId - optional attribute of a String type with a unique semi-stable Id for the fuel station e.g. 1099721199.
  • lastUpdateTimestamp - attribute with information about when the EV charging station information was last updated, in ISO 8601 format. If the time is UTC, a Z is added. An example of this kind of timestamp value is 2013-12-31T12:00:00.000Z. If the time is not UTC , then the offset is added as a ±[hh][mm] value (for example, 2014-01-14T10:00:00.000+0100).
  • timeZone - attribute of a String type representing the standard denominator of the time zone e.g. Europe/Berlin.