HERE EV Charge Points API
EV Charging Stations API Developer's Guide


The structure PricingStructureType represents information about the pricing for the connector.

Table 1. PricingStructureType elements
Element Data Type Mandatory Description
pricingModel PricingModelType No Pricing model applicable for the charging connector.

Examples of available models include:

  • kWh – Pricing is based on the number of kilo Watt hours
  • Session – Pricing is session based
  • TimeUnit – Pricing is based on how long the charging takes
  • ParkAndCharge – Pricing is bundled with parking. The customer is allowed to charge while parking.
  • TransactionFee – Pricing is based on a transaction fee
  • Subscription – Pricing is based on subscription
price PriceType No Price for the charging
unit UnitType No Describes charge unit related to the price and pricing model. Unit can be represented by hours, session or kWh. Not all pricing models are unit based.
timePeriod TimePeriodType No Hours in which the price applies.
Note: This element is deprecated, please use timeConstraints instead.
timeConstraints OpeningHoursType No Hours and days in which the price applies
descriptions String No Description of the pricing structure