The tables below show an overview of the available examples.


These examples do not illustrate how to handle the authentication.


When opening the links, press F12 in your browser. You can view the relevant REST requests as used in the related use case demos.

Map Content for Map Display

Link to example Resource Parameters
Slope along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json
Height along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json
Road type + urban flag along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json
Traffic signs along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json

Map Content for Speed Limits

Link to example Resource Parameters
Speed limits along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json
Speed limits in map view /1/tiles.json
Speed limit at coordinate /1/tiles.json

Map Content for Driver Alerts

Link to example Resource Parameters
Traffic Signs along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json
Truck POIs along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json
2D junction views along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json
Link IDs and TMC codes along route /2/calculateroute.json
Driver rating speeding and cornering along route /2/calculateroute.json + /1/tiles.json
Driver alerts speeding /1/tiles.json

Map Content for Trip Analysis

Link to example Resource Parameters
Traffic patterns in map view /1/tiles.json
Live traffic speed record in map view /1/tiles.json
Postal code boundaries in map view /1/tiles.json
Administrative boundaries in map view /1/tiles.json
Census boundaries in map view /1/tiles.json
DTM height points in map view /1/tiles.json
Road roughness in map view /1/tiles.json
Variable speed signs in map view /1/tiles.json
Environmental zones in map view /1/tiles.json
Distance markers search + in map view /1/index.json + /1/tiles.json
Search map objects and custom objects /2/search/proximity.json, /2/search/bbox.json, /2/search/corridor.json, /2/search/quadkey.json, /2/search/all.json
Link to example Resource
Road link attributes /1/tiles.json
Road link attributes /1/index.json + /1/tiles.json

Custom Locations - Bring Your Own Data

Link to example Resource
Display/Search your Locations /2/search/proximity.json
Dashboard to manage your own Data PRD CIT
Layer upload: curl -X POST "http://fleet.api.here.com/2/layers/upload.json?layer_id=L123&app_id=XXX&app_code=XXX" -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data;boundary=----ABCDE" -F "file=@C:\myData\layer123.wkt.zip" /2/layers/upload.json

Geofence on Custom Fences and on Map Content for Tracking and Driver Rating

Link to example Resource
Draw/upload fence and check asset in fence /2/search/proximity.json + /2/search/proximity.json
Check asset distance to fence /2/search/proximity.json
Upload isoline fence and simulate tracking /2/calculateroute.json + /2/layers/upload.json + /2/search/proximity.json
Upload route buffer fence and simulate tracking /2/calculateroute.json + /2/layers/upload.json + /2/search/proximity.json
Is the user moving by car/train/ship/plane? /2/search/proximity.json

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