Basic concepts

You use products and features to create a cost management system specifically designed for your organization(s). You can create multiple organizations, but you must setup each one with products and features. A product contains all the specific features that are used to limit and monitor your billable usage.


A product is a billable object which consists of one or many monitoring features. A unique product ID is automatically created when the product is created. Products can be tracked for billing purposes, using specific billable features, which you select. They can be tracked either as a single product or as multiple products which are grouped together. You can mix and match different features to create different products.

Product rate plan

After you create your products, you need to create rate plans for them. Once you create your rate plans, you can view all rate plans, view a specific rate plan by using a product ID, update a rate plan, or delete a rate plan using the product rate plan APIs.

Product rate plan charges

After you create your products and rate plans, you need to set charges for your rate plans. You can view all rate plan charges, view specific rate plan charges, update rate plan charges, or delete rate plan charges using the product rate plan APIs.


A feature is a trackable object that can be provisioned to enable access to a resource. In the Billing, Accounting, and Mediation (BAM) system, you can select features that you want to monitor for billing purposes.


On the HERE platform, HERE offered features are identified by the feature HERE Resource Names (HRNs). Feature HRNs are required to get usage or apply quota rules in the API requests. You can reference the list of common HERE feature HRNs in the following table.


Feature HRNs can change from time to time. Check the following table for the latest information.

Feature HRN Name Category
hrn:here:service::org123456789:classic-map-image-1 Map Image Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:classic-traffic-flow-incident-6 Real-Time Traffic Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:geocode-7 Geocode & Reverse Geocode Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:isoline-routing-8 Isoline Routing Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:matrix-routing-8 Matrix routing Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:positioning-2 Network Positioning Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:rendering-vector-tiles-2 Vector Tile Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:route-matching-8 Route Matching Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8 HERE Routing 8 Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:base Routing Car, bicycle, pedestrian Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:ev Routing EV Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:scooter Routing Scooter & Two-Wheeler Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:taxi Routing Taxi Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:traffic Time Aware Routing: Real-time Traffic Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:truck Routing Truck Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-intermodal-8 Intermodal Routing Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:safety-camera-1 Safety Cameras Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:search-autocomplete-7 Autocomplete Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:search-autosuggest-7 Autosuggest Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:search-geocoding-batch-1 Permanent Geocoding Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:search-opensearch-1 Discover & Search Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:tour-planning-2 Tour Planning Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:traffic-api-7 Real-Time Traffic Location Service
hrn:here:service::org123456789:traffic-api-7:advanced Advanced Realm-Time Traffic Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:traffic-api-7:standard Standard Real-Time Traffic Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:transit-8 Public Transit Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:waypoint-8 Waypoints Sequencing Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:weather-3 Destination Weather Location Services

Subresource features

A subresource feature is a trackable object that can be provisioned to enable access to a subresource.
In the Billing, Accounting, and Mediation (BAM) system, you can select subresource features that you want to measure for billing purposes.

subresource feature HRN Name
hrn:here:service::olp-here:traffic-api-7 Traffic API 7 standard Features
hrn:here:service::olp-here:traffic-api-7 Traffic API 7 advanced Features
hrn:here:service::olp-here:search-opensearch-1 Opensearch
hrn:here:service::olp-here:geocode-7 Geocode & Reverse Geocode
hrn:here:service::olp-here:route-matching-8 Route Matching
hrn:here:service::olp-here:routing-isoline-8 Isoline Routing

Feature provisioning

Feature provisioning provides a way to get access to a resource. The HERE Authorization API is governed by certain access control policies. Access to the Authorization API is restricted, according to the credentials provided in the requesting access token. All API endpoints require the authenticated client to be explicitly granted access to the endpoint being called. Which endpoints allow a client access is determined during the provisioning process of a client.

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