Cost Management APIs (Quota and Usage APIs) are available to measure your costs for your products. These APIs allow you the flexibility of setting limits and monitoring billable usage costs, so you can manage them easily.

Quota API

The Quota API sets limits for selected services to better manage your billable usage. You can customize quota rules in the Quota API for all of your services in an organization, a project, or an app. This allows you to set usage limits which alert you by email when you reach them. This is used in conjunction with the Usage API, which lets you check your billable usage.

Usage API

You can check the billable usage for your organizations by using the Usage API. Billable usage is the measured amount of your usage for a HERE billable service, as per licensing terms. Billable usage varies by the service. As an example, Data transfer is measured in GB and the billable usage is calculated per hour. You can estimate your costs at any point in time, using the current HERE pricing to calculate your billable usage costs.

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