In this document, the term "realm" means "organization". See Manage your organization.

On HERE platform, HERE offered features are identified by the feature HRNs. Feature HRNs are required to get usage or apply quota rules in the API requests. You can reference to a list of common HERE feature HRNs in the following table.


Feature HRNs can change from time to time. Check the table for the latest information.

Feature HRN Name Category
hrn:here:service::org123456789:classic-map-image-1 Map Image Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:classic-traffic-flow-incident-6 Real-Time Traffic Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:geocode-7 Geocode & Reverse Geocode Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:isoline-routing-8 Isoline Routing Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:matrix-routing-8 Matrix routing Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:positioning-2 Network Positioning Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:rendering-vector-tiles-2 Vector Tile Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:route-matching-8 Route Matching Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8 HERE Routing 8 Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:base Routing Car, bicycle, pedestrian Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:ev Routing EV Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:scooter Routing Scooter & Two-Wheeler Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:taxi Routing Taxi Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:traffic Time Aware Routing: Real-time Traffic Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:truck Routing Truck Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-intermodal-8 Intermodal Routing Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:safety-camera-1 Safety Cameras Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:search-autocomplete-7 Autocomplete Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:search-autosuggest-7 Autosuggest Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:search-geocoding-batch-1 Permanent Geocoding Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:search-opensearch-1 Discover & Search Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:tour-planning-2 Tour Planning Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:traffic-api-7 Real-Time Traffic Location Service
hrn:here:service::org123456789:traffic-api-7:advanced Advanced Realm-Time Traffic Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:traffic-api-7:standard Standard Real-Time Traffic Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:transit-8 Public Transit Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:waypoint-8 Waypoints Sequencing Location Services
hrn:here:service::org123456789:weather-3 Destination Weather Location Services

Quota service

The quota service provides a way to set limits for selected services to better manage your billable usage. You can customize quota rules in the Quota service for all of your services in a realm, a project, or an app.

Usage service

Check the billable usage for your realms by using the Usage service. Billable usage is the measured amount of customer usage for a HERE Service, as per Licensing terms. Billable usage varies by the HERE Service. As an example, Data transfer is measured in GB. Billable usage is calculated per hour.

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