HERE platform partner end-customer management

This section describes operations which provide partners with ways to manage their end-customers operations. As a partner, you can create organizations for your end-customers which are identified by orgIds. This allows you to view your end-customers usage in the Usage Manager, and identify the most intensive areas affecting their billing costs so you can help them manage these costs.

Usage Manager

Usage Manager dashboard
Figure 1. Usage Manager dashboard

The Usage Manager is an option located on the Launcher. It can be filtered to search for:

  • A single organization (end-customer).
  • A period of time, such as the current month.
  • A range of time, with a start date and end date, in the format mm/dd/yyyy.
  • The name of a specific project.
  • A billing tag.

The results of a Usage Manager search can be downloaded in a CSV file, and contains the following information:

  • Org ID (realmId): The unique identifier for a end-customer's organization and partner organization associated with Org Name.
  • Org Name: The unique identifier for the name of end-customer's and partner organization associated with Org ID.
  • Subscription ID: A unique identifier for your subscription to HERE. A subscription is the customer owned, technical instance of a product (no pricing etc. details). It is created to provision the purchased product and to report usage to the underlying billing system.
  • Project ID: (Optional) A unique identifier to manage work and resources that can be applied.
  • Category: The HERE product category, such as pipelines, data, etc.
  • App Id: The unique identifier of a registered app.
  • Charge Item: The item used by a you or your end-customer (such as pipeline IO, postal area boundaries, postal code points) which is billed by HERE.
  • Usage Item ID: Unique identifier for what was measured.
  • Resource ID: Details provided for the type of usage.
  • Raw Usage: The total amount of transactions, storage, or assets accrued.
  • Billable Usage: The amount of usage accrued which is billed by HERE.
  • Usage Unit: Measurement of unit.
  • Billing Tag: a unique string used for combining expenses.


The results of your searches in the Usage Manager can be downloaded in csv format. For partners, an additional column is added in the csv output. The additional column is the name of the organization, orgName.

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