Partner end-customer management

This section describes operations which provide partners with ways to manage their end-customers operations. As a partner, you can create organizations for your end-customers which are identified by orgIds. This allows you to view your end-customers usage in the Usage Manager, and identify the most intensive areas affecting their billing costs, to help manage these costs.

Usage Manager

Usage Manager dashboard
Figure 1. Usage Manager dashboard

The Usage Manager is an option located on the Launcher in the platform. It can be filtered to search for:

  • A single organization (end-customer).
  • A period of time, such as the current month.
  • A range of time, with a start date and end date, in the format mm/dd/yyyy.
  • The name of a specific project.
  • A billing tag.

The results of a Usage Manager search can be downloaded in a CSV file, and contains the following information:

  • Category (category): The category is the name of the service you have selected, such as location services, content, SDKs, data, or pipelines, for which you are billed.
  • Service or Resource Name: The service, such as Navigate SDK, Network Positioning, 3D Buildings.
  • Billing Tag (billingTag): a user defined unique string used for combining costs.
  • Project ID (projectHrn): (Optional) A unique identifier to manage work and resources that can be applied. This is also known as the project HRN.
  • Start date (startDate): The start date of the usage.
  • End date (endDate): The end date of the usage.
  • Usage amount (billableValue): How much billable usage has accrued.
  • Unit (valueDriver): The unit which is billable, for example GB.
  • Rate per Unit: The rate per unit that you are charged.
  • Total Price: The calculated cost of your usage.


The results of your searches in the Usage Manager can be downloaded in csv format. For partners, an additional column is added in the csv output. The additional column is the name of the organization, orgName.

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