Add and use billing tags

The billing tag provides a way to track your platform usage across components which track usage and costs.

Using billing tags, you can create a string that is used for combining costs on your invoices. For example, you can group multiple pipelines together for a project or activity where you want to highlight those specific costs.

Add user-defined billing tags

User-defined billing tags have the following rules:

  • between four-16 characters
  • case-sensitive
  • allowed characters are alpha/numeric ASCII characters [A-Za-z0-9] and the following special characters: [ - ] [ _ ]
  • the billing tag is not allowed to begin or end with the special characters: [ - ] [ _ ]
  • up to six billing tags can be concatenated with + to a long string, for example, tag1+tag2+tag3+tag4+tag5+tag6

An invalid billing tag results in the following error:

  "title": "billingTag is invalid",                    
  "status": 400,                                                      
  "code": "<to be defined by the service>",                            
  "cause": "The billingTag passed does not meet validation rules",
  "action": "Please provide a valid billingTag according to service specification",
  "correlationId": "4199533b-6290-41db-8d79-edf4f4019a74"          

Valid and invalid characters

The account management paradigm known as "Technical Accounting" removes invalid characters from faulty billing tags. For example, "My#In%validTag_ThatIsVeryLong" → "MyInvalidTag_Tha".

Account management paradigm

The following table shows some valid billing tags.

Sample Text

Regex for a single billing tag

Regex single billing tag

Regex for multiple, concatenated billing tags

Regex multiple billing tags

Billing tag for projects

The part of account management known as "Projects" is identified by the following:

Purpose Example
name non-unique, purpose for UI "Happy Project"
id constructed from name for uniqueness in a organization "project/happy-project"
hrn globally unique identifier "hrn:here:authorization::olp-here:project/happy-project"
scope scope in token = hrn "hrn:here:authorization::olp-here:project/happy-project"

The cost allocation for projects is handled internally and is independent from user-defined billing tags. The scope from the token is extracted and is used as billingTag, for example,hrn:here:authorization::olp-here:project/happy-project, as shown in the previous table, where the project, happy-project, is the billing tag.

The project related billing tag appears in your invoicing for the specific project cost.

More information can be found in the Usage API Reference.

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