Partner get usage report status report by report ID

The report creation Async API retrieves the status of a specific usage report request and returns it in the response. The status report can be downloaded when it has completed, using the status report download URL included in the response.


This example uses org123456789 as the realmId and REPORT-1001 as the reportId .

GET /usage/realms/org123456789/reports/REPORT-1001


The parameters shown here are necessary for this request. For a complete list of parameters, see the Tutorials overview.

The usage search results are grouped into pages. A page is a set of usage records presented in a single view. The search results view can be customized by using offset and limit parameters. The offset determines the current page number on the view, and limit restricts search result counts to a specified number.

string [ 5 .. 30 ] characters
Example: org123456789
Your org ID.
string [ 11 .. 30 ] characters
Example: REPORT-1001
The ID of the report you want to view.

Header parameters

X-Request-ID string
User-provided token that can be used to trace a request or a group of requests sent to the service.
Auto-generated ID, which uniquely identifies the request, available in the response. When contacting the support with an inquiry regarding a specific request, provide the value of this header; This will help troubleshooting the issue.

Response HTTP 200

The API response has a single record containing the status of the report request.


    "id": "REPORT-1001",
    "status": "inProgress",
    "created": "2022-03-01'T'00:00:00",

        "realm": "org123456789",
        "startDate": "2022-03-01",
        "endDate": "2022-07-01",
        "emailId": ""


More information can be found in the Usage API Reference.

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