Configure and use the Quota API rules

This section explains how to configure your requests to the Quota API for a variety of tasks. Your results are filtered using the quota rules that you put in your request. For more information, see the Quota API Reference.


In this section, the term "realm" means "organization". For more information, see Manage your organization.

Quota rules are applied per featureId (HRN). See Concepts to view a list of commonly used feature IDs (HRNs).

For more details, see the Quota API Reference.

Quota rule triggers

Once a quota rule is evaluated and an email alert is sent for a given month, an email alert does not get triggered again for the same month, unless the quota rule usage threshold condition changes.

Quota rule suspend

When a quota rule with a suspend action is triggered, access to the HERE service is blocked for the actionable entity (either organization, app, or project).

If the timeRange for the quota rule is monthly, access is blocked until the end of the month. If the timeRange is daily, access is blocked until the end of day.

When the access is blocked and an entity tries to access HERE service, the HERE API throws an HTTP 402 error.


Once the appId, organization, or project is suspended, it takes up to three minutes to block access.

The following is a sample request and response to search the Autosuggest API.


  GET"Eismieze Berlin"&at=52.5308,13.3856

Response: HTTP 402

 HTTP 402 Service usage limit was reached

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