Usage API

The purpose of the Usage API is to provide you with information about the amount of data you have sent, received, stored, and processed, and the billable services such as platform layers and pipelines you have used. It allows you to monitor your current usage, which you can find on the Usage report. You can also navigate to your usage report on the platform by clicking your profile icon and selecting the Billing & Usage option.

Once you know your current usage, you can estimate your costs, using the pricing at the HERE base plan pricing web page. Rates may vary depending on your licensing agreement.

Billing varies by the HERE service. As an example, billing for Location services is measured in transactions, data storage in GB-Months, and data transfer in GB. Billable usage is calculated hourly with a maximum time range of up to 95 days.


In this section, the term "realm" means "organization". See Manage your organization.

Usage information can take up to two hours to arrive for Location Services and up to 48 hours for billable services; this may differ from usage values on your billing statement. Check your invoices and contract for actual billing costs. Dates are based on UTC.


To obtain authorization for the Usage API, your credentials must be generated from the organization where your usage is requested. See the OAuth tokens documentation for more details.


For tutorials showing how to use the Usage API, see Tutorials.

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