Limitations and Workarounds

This section lists known limitations and, if available, related workarounds in the current release.

Below are current system limitations

  • System does not support setting usage alerts for all location services together in a single rule
  • App ID based usage alerts are only available for location services
  • Routing taxi feature is not yet available to set alerts. Feature ID is hrn:here:service::org123456789:routing-8:taxi
  • Once the appid/realm/project is suspended, it takes up to 5 minutes to block access
  • Once the appid/realm/project violations are deleted(unblock), it takes up to 5 minutes to regain access
  • Usage arrival can take up to 2 hours for Location Services and up to 48 hours for billable cloud services, which means quota rule conditions can take this long to enact.

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