Fleet Telematics Custom Locations Developer's Guide

Search Response

The Search Response contains the geometries matching the query filter. Example:

            "STORE_NAME":"Tante Emma's Tea Shop",
        "geometry":"MULTIPOINT((8.53324 50.1622))"
  "response_code":"200 OK"

If &geom=none was requested, then the "geometry" attribute is suppressed. If &geom=local was requested, then the "geometry" can contain different geometry types than the originally submitted ones, e.g. MULTIPOLYGON instead of POLYGON, because the polygons and polylines can be split into multiple pieces in the response. They are guaranteed to cover the search area, so that a map display for the search area shows the correct geometries. If &geom=full was requested, then the "geometry" attribute contains the geometry objects as submitted, in full extent.

If &geom=local was requested, then polylines and polygons are cut at tile boundaries, so that they are decomposed into smaller pieces. Polygon longitude coordinate values with a leading zero indicate that the line to the next coordinate is artificially introduced by tiling. These lines must be used to draw filled polygons and to compute 'point in polygon', but must be skipped when drawing border lines.

The attributes are as originally submitted, unless a subset of them gets requested. A layer-wide-unique GEOMETRY_ID column is added, unless it was present in the layer upload.

The all.txt response conforms to results from the PDE Web service.