Custom Location Extension API Developer's Guide

Why Use the Custom Location Extension API?

The table below lists the high level use cases for the Custom Location Extension API.

Table 1. Main features of the HERE Custom Location Extension API
Feature Description
Store custom locations and polygons Allows you to store your own shapes and points of interest (POIs). In other words, you can create your own layer on top of the map. You can also use these shapes and POIs with other HERE Platform Extension APIs.
Perform proximity search for custom locations Allows you to search for custom points of interest (POIs) and polygons that are near s specific location.
Retrieve a set of custom locations within an area Allows you to retrieve a set of custom points of interest (POIs) and/or polygons within a given bounding box.
Find custom locations with an isoline route result Allows you to search for custom locations and polygons within a given time or distance. Isoline polygons can be created via HLP Router and then stored in CLE.
Find custom locations with a specified radius and route Allows you to search for all custom locations and polygons within a specified radius along a defined route.