Fleet Telematics Custom Routes Developer's Guide

Calculate Route

Calculates a route using map modifications from custom overlay maps.

This resource is built on top of the Routing API, but currently, it only supports a subset of the features. Hence, before replacing a Routing API calculateroute.json / .xml call with this resource, make sure the features or parameters you require are supported. The supported parameters have the same meaning as those of the Routing API.

Fleet Telematics Custom Routes might redirect to HLS Router if no overlay is requested or the overlay layer(s) don't exist or are not accessible to the app_id. So in this case, all HLP Router options can be used and the response is like specified for HLP Router.

GET /2/calculateroute.json
&waypoint0=..., &waypoint1=..., ...

The calculateroute.json resource is documented in http://cre.api.here.com/swagger-ui.html?app_id={YOUR_APP_ID}&app_code={YOUR_APP_CODE}.

Note: This example uses HERE app code credentials to authenticate your request. For the available authentication options, see the Identity & Access Management Developer Guide.