Custom Route Extension API Developer's Guide

Upload an Overlay Map

This resource uploads an overlay map that modifies route-related attributes and geometries in the map. Any subsequent routing calls take the overlay change into consideration. It may take multiple seconds until the overlay changes are effective.

Overlay maps are stored in the Custom Location Extension Service and require unique names. If an overlay map with the same name already exists, it is replaced with the one that you provide.

You can use the Custom Location Extension resources like layers/list.json and layers/delete.json to view or delete the overlay maps.

Resource URI

The pattern for requests to the resource is
GET /2/overlays/upload.json

For more information, see Constructing a Request.

Resource Parameters

Parameter Description
map_name mandatory


Overlay map name. Case insensitive. Must contain the string OVERLAY.

overlay_spec mandatory


JSON structure describing the map changes. See Overlay Description Format.

storage mandatory


Currently only readonly is supported.

Response Format

The response currently contains a list of layers the overlay map consists of. When you submit an overlay request, the response includes a list of the overlay layers in the map. However, the current response is subject to change. For information about possible changes, see the Release Notes for the future releases.