HERE Map Content (HMC) to Optimized Map for Location Library (OMLL) Converter


HERE Map Content (HMC) to Optimized Map for Location Library (OMLL) Converter produces an optimized map which enables the user to perform efficient routing and map matching using the Location Library given an input catalog of HERE Map Content formatted data, e.g., hrn:here:data::olp-here:rib-2 or hrn:here:data::olp-here:here-map-content-japan-2. A custom reduced tile set catalog with HERE Map Content formatted data can also be used as input.

The output catalog includes a routing graph and geometry layers, a layer for resolving HERE Map Content dependencies and additional derived attribute layers required for routing functionality, such as segment lengths, segment free flow speeds, and forbidden maneuvers at segment nodes.

For efficient access, each HERE Map Content topology segment is assigned a local index, and in each layer information about that topology segment is stored in the corresponding index of an array. A mapping layer allows translation between HERE Map Content topology segment identifiers and the local index.


Application Flow Diagram
Figure 1. Application Flow Diagram

Legend: Legend Diagram

This pipeline template operates as a Batch pipeline that reads data from HMC versioned input layers and publishes data to several versioned layers of a catalog using the optimized map schemas.


  • If you are planning to use an existing catalog/layer, please make sure that your output catalog is shared with the same GROUP that will be used to deploy this pipeline template.
  • Confirm that your local credentials (~/.here/ are added to the same group.
  • Confirm that the same credentials have access to the input catalog.
Input Data/Schema
  • The user is expected to provide a HERE Map Content schema-based catalog (zoom level 12) with the following layers:
HMC Layer Schema

NOTE: In order to have all available HMC segment data, you should populate your input catalog with all tiles at zoom level 12 that correspond to the given zoom level 10 output tile/s.

Alternatively, see the "Output to Input Catalog Layer Correlation" if you are working with a subset of the layers above.

Output Data/Schema

The user can create the output catalog with the OLP CLI using the provided output catalog JSON config (replace any <> variables) or it will be created during the execution of the Wizard Deployer.

Layer Id Layer Type Partition Type Schema
restrictedmanoeuvre Versioned HEREtile
roadaccess Versioned HEREtile
freeflowspeed Versioned HEREtile
length Versioned HEREtile
geometry Versioned HEREtile
resolution Versioned HEREtile
mapping Versioned HEREtile
routinggraph Versioned HEREtile
roadattributes Versioned HEREtile
navigationattributes Versioned HEREtile
advancednavigationattributes Versioned HEREtile
adasattributes Versioned HEREtile
tmc Versioned HEREtile
state Versioned Generic Zip


In order to deploy and run this pipeline template, you will need the Wizard Deployer. The Wizard executes interactively, asking questions about the application, and expects the user to provide needed answers. Assuming you followed the Wizard's documentation instructions and set up the needed parameters beforehand, follow these steps:

  1. Execute the script as ./
  2. Follow the prompts and provide the needed answers

You can use an existing output layer or let the Wizard script create a new catalog/layer for you. If using an existing catalog, make sure it is shared with GROUP_ID which will be used for this deployment.


Select the Pipelines tab in the Platform Portal. Verify that your pipeline was deployed and is running. Once your pipeline has finished running, check the log for any exceptions or errors. Verify that data was written to your output catalog. The output catalog should be at version 0. In the Platform Portal, select a layer in the catalog, e.g., geometry, select the Inspect tab, enter one of your input partition id's in the search box, select the partition in the map, and see that data is decoded and shown in the right-hand side of the user interface.


If you need support with this pipeline template, please contact us.

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