System Requirements

The following items require a one-time setup before running a customizable pipeline template. (If you already have OLP CLI downloaded and configured, please skip to the Wizard Deployer section below.)

  • Java 1.8
  • Cygwin (Only for Windows machine)
  • Wizard Deployer
  • JQ


  1. Log in to Platform Portal.
  2. Download the OLP CLI from SDKs & Tools tab, with either a direct or SDK download, and follow the instructions on how to install the tool appropriate for your environment.
  3. Locate the OLP CLI: (<unziped_cli_dir>) or in the SDK: (<downloaded_sdk_dir>/sdk-<release>/tools/OLP_CLI)

OLP CLI Configuration


  • macOS / Linux

      export PATH=<unziped_cli_dir>:$PATH
  • Windows

      set PATH=<unziped_cli_dir>;%PATH%


  • macOS / Linux

      export PATH=<downloaded_sdk_dir>/sdk-<release>/tools/OLP_CLI:$PATH
  • Windows

      set PATH=<downloaded_sdk_dir>\sdk-<release>\tools\OLP_CLI;%PATH%

Wizard Deployer

Customizable pipeline templates are easily configured, deployed, and executed onto the platform using the Wizard Deployer. If you do not have the Wizard Deployer, download it from the Customizable Pipeline Templates page on the platform. Unzip the archive and follow the simple instructions in the Wizard Deployer documentation.

Customizable pipeline templates are compatible with Wizard Deployer version 1.0.16.


This is a one-time setup needed to deploy and execute any customizable pipeline templates using the Wizard Deployer. Instructions on JQ are included with the Wizard Deployer.

HERE platform Credentials and Settings File

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