Delete Catalog Versions

Deleting catalog versions to manage storage costs gives you more granular data lifecycle management controls for your versioned layers.

Safely delete older versions manually or automatically to manage how long your versioned data is stored and to control your versioned layer costs. Catalog version deletion safely removes data from versioned layers only and in a way that doesn't break dependencies that exist between different versioned layers in a single catalog. Deleting catalog versions maintains catalog configuration information and therefore the overall data integrity of the versioned layers within a catalog. Catalog version deletion does not impact any other layer types stored in a catalog, only versioned layers.


If you delete catalog versions, you permanently and irrevocably delete partition metadata as well as data associated with those versions. This would impact all versioned layers in the catalog. Any partition metadata and data that is still used in current, non-deleted versions will not be deleted so that the non-deleted versions remain functional.


You cannot delete the last single version of a catalog. In order to delete the last single version, you have to delete the catalog.

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