Index API

Index API supports RSQL queries to retrieve matching partitions from an index layer. You can significantly improve query time by optimizing your data model. We recommend that you evaluate your workload (for example, how the data will be queried, read/write ratio, and similar factors) before designing your data model. The Index API supports defining up to 4 custom indices that should allow very fine-grained retrieve data workflows.

The Index API in combination with the Data Archiving Library (part of the HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala) provides a way to create an archive of messages ingested via a stream layer.


The Index Layer Service can return HTTP 429/503 when service utilization is high. Throttling should last for only short period of time.

The client should retry the request using exponential backoff algorithm while the service adapts to the high utilization.

When an extended period of throttling and retries occurs and the service still returns HTTP 429/503, please contact the service administrator.

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