Timeouts and Retries

There are certain situations where an application receives a response from the Data API indicating that a retry is necessary. Responses with HTTP status code 408, 429, 500, 502, 503 and 504 are retriable status codes. If an application generates high request rates, it might receive such responses. If these errors occur, HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala implements the automatic retry logic using exponential back off. If you are not using the HERE Data SDK for Java & Scala, you should implement a similar retry logic when receiving one of these errors.

The Data API automatically scales in response to sustained new request rates, dynamically optimizing performance. While Data API is internally optimizing for a new request rate, you will temporarily receive HTTP error responses until the optimization completes.

For batch processing it is recommended to use longer retry times or increase maximum number of retries so that intermittent network errors or spikes of HTTP errors will not affect multi-hours batch processing jobs.

For latency-sensitive applications it is advisable to use shorter timeouts and retry slow operations. When you retry a request, we recommend using a new connection to Data API and potentially perform a fresh DNS lookup.

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