Delete a Catalog

When you delete a catalog, the catalog's metadata and all layers are deleted. Before deleting a catalog, consider reviewing the usage information for the catalog to make sure no processes, such as pipelines, depend on the catalog. If you delete a catalog that is used by a process like a pipeline, you will break the process. For information on viewing usage information, see the Logs, Monitoring and Alerts User Guide.

To delete a catalog, use the AdminApi provided by the data-client module. The only required parameter is the HRN of the catalog:

adminApi.deleteCatalog(catalogHrn).flatMap { _ =>"deleted $catalogHrn")
CompletionStage<CompletionStage<HRN>> deletionStage =
            done -> {
    "deleted `" + catalogHrn + "`");
              CompletableFuture<HRN> retval = new CompletableFuture<HRN>();
              return retval;

Warning: Data Loss

Once a catalog is deleted, all the associated data and metadata is also deleted. There is no mechanism to undo the operation. Therefore, this should be done with caution.

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