Flink Connector

Flink Connector implements the standard Flink interfaces that allow you to create source Tables for reading, and sink Tables for writing to stream layers.

As a result, you can use both relational APIs that Flink supports: Table API and SQL. In addition, you can convert a Table to a DataStream and use the Flink DataStream API.

For information on how to build your app and which dependencies to use, see Dependencies for Stream Pipelines.

Supported Layer Types, Data Formats and Operations

Layer Type Protobuf Avro Parquet Raw (octet-stream)
Stream layer Read, Write not supported not supported Read, Write
Index layer Read, Write Read, Write Read, Write Read, Write
Versioned layer Read Read Read Read
Volatile layer Read, Write Read, Write Read, Write Read, Write


For Flink connector configuration please see here.

Reading Data Continuously

Flink has got the ability to read data continuously from non-stream layers. For the details please see here.

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