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The Data Client Library provides Scala/Java libraries that you can use in your projects to access the HERE platform. The Data Client Library relies on the Akka Streams implementation of the Reactive Streams standard, which provides abstractions for building end-to-end streaming data processing libraries.

The Data Client Library contains the following main modules:

  • data-engine -- Provides higher level abstractions to interact with data.
  • spark-support -- Provides utilities to connect Spark with HERE platform data.
  • flink-support -- Provides utilities to run Data Client Library within Flink Jobs.

Choose the level of abstraction that best suits your application. Typically, low-level APIs provide more flexibility than high-level APIs, but you may need to write more application code.

The use of the Data Client Library requires a basic understanding of some concepts related to the HERE platform. For explanations of these concepts. see the Data API Developer Guide.

The use of the Data Client Library requires the basic understanding of following libraries:

For scala developers:

For java developers:

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