Data Hub Tools and Integrations

You can acess the Data Hub API using a number of different SDKs and APIs.

XYZ Spaces for Python

This open source Python package allows to interact with your Data Hub Spaces and features on a given Hub using a higher level programmatic interface that wraps the RESTful API. Using this package you can:

  • Create, read, list, update, share, delete spaces (also: get Space info and stats).
  • Add, read, update, iterate, search, cluster (hex/quad bins), delete features.
  • Search features by ID, tag, property, bbox, tile, radius, geometry.
  • Access add-on features like H3 hexbin and quadbin clustering, virtual spaces, extended property search, and more.


This package can be installed with pip or conda from various sources:

  • Install with conda from the Anaconda conda-forge channel:

      conda install -c conda-forge xyzspaces
  • Install from the Python Package Index:

      pip install xyzspaces
  • Install from its source repository on GitHub:

      pip install -e git+


The detailed documentation is available here.

HERE Maps API for Javascript

Your Data Hub Spaces can be accessed using HERE MapsJS as of version 3.1.

HERE Maps API for JavaScript provides a simple way to add the data presented as an Data Hub Space to the existing application. Also, HERE Maps API for JavaScript allows building a new application that uses HERE services, such as Routing, Geocoding, Fleet Telematics Advanced Data Sets and others, alongside with Data Hub.

The snippet below:

  • Gets an instance of the Data Hub service and passes an Data Hub access token to it.
  • Creates one Data Hub provider for each space and adds them as an
// provided that the platform and the map are instantiated.
const service = platform.getXYZService({

// create a provider for the public buildings data
const buildingsSpaceProvider = new, <DATA_HUB_SPACE_ID>, {
  'min': 14
const buildingsSpaceLayer = new;
// add a layer to the map

// create a provider for the custom user defined data
const customSpaceProvider = new, <DATA_HUB_SPACE_ID>);
const customSpaceLayer = new;
// add a layer to the map


The API reference provides details on the Provider and Service implementations.

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