Advanced concepts

Locating content

From editor to map

Selecting an entire feature object in editor this will be zoom to in the map and highlighted with a magenta color.

Tool Overview
Figure 1. Tool Overview

Selecting any latitude and longitude of geometry from the editor, this point will be centered and highlighted on that map.

Tool Overview
Figure 2. Tool Overview

From map to editor

Clicking on rendered feature on map it will be highlighted with magenta color and cursor will jump to respective feature in editor

Tool Overview
Figure 3. Tool Overview

Filtering data

Selecting a feature on map, clicking on a property label in the feature explorer pop-up card,this will highlight all features with that same property value.


Tool Overview
Figure 4. Tool Overview

Styling hints

When some styling hints are present in the feature it renders with the given style on the map. Examples are the following key/value pairs for defining the line and fill styles:

    "stroke": "#ffaa00",
    "stroke-opacity": 1,
    "stroke-width": 0.5,
    "fill": "#ffff00",
    "fill-opacity": 0.6
Tool Overview
Figure 5. Tool Overview

Data URL

GeoJSON can also be loaded and visualized directly by passing the source of the data in the URL with the named url parameter:

Example "Single source"

Example "Multiple sources";

Embedding the viewer

The GeoJSON tool can be used to embed a map with features on any web page using an iframe. For this, the parameter maponly=true needs to be passed as well, which will hide the viewer controls and show only the map and content.


Tool Overview
Figure 6. Tool Overview

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