View Partitions List

The Data Inspector allows you to inspect partitions and partition data in two ways:

  • On the map: WIth the Map View panel, you can view only those partitions that can be decoded and/or visualized.

    Inspect Partition Data on the Map
    Figure 1. Inspect Partition Data on the Map
  • In the list: With the Partitions List panel, you can view a paginated list view of any layer partitions, including those that can be neither visualized (no rendering plugin) nor decoded (no data schema bundled with the layer). Besides, this panel enables you to view partitions from generically partitioned layers.

    Inspect Partition Data in the List
    Figure 2. Inspect Partition Data in the List

You can easily switch between the visual inspection of individual partitions and looking at what partitions exist on the map and in the list.

To switch to the Map View, in the toolbar, click the button. Note that this button is disabled if layer data cannot be visualized.

To switch to the Partitions List, in the toolbar, click the button.

View Partition Information

Depending on the layer type, for every partition in the list, the following information is shown:

  • Partition ID (copy with the button)
  • Uncompressed partition size (versioned layers only)
  • Version of the catalog in which the partition was updated (versioned layers only)
  • Partition update date and time (versioned layers only)

For a selected partition, use the (Options) button to download raw data, data decoded with the linked Protobuf schema, and GeoJSON data translated with the rendering plugin.

Note that if the partition contains expired data, you cannot download it.

You can only select a single partition in the list. Once selected, you can view decoded partition data in the Decoded Panel.

Search for Partitions

Due to performance considerations, the Partitions List panel shows a limited number of partitions - 100,000 for versioned layers and 10,000 for volatile layers. Nevertheless, you can still search for any partition by its ID in the layer with no limitation.

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