Property Type Description
cartoName Names names of the carto.


Property Type Description
cartoType integer A nine digit number that classifies types of cartographic features vegetative landcover descriptions, according to Digitising and Attributing Rules v15.4 for DNDC.


Property Type Description
cartoTypeName string Textual description of CartoTypeString. This is the primary Carto classification system for Map Objects, as it has the additional benefit of not requiring additional reference / documentation for external users.


Property Type Description
displayClass number A classification of features that enables a meaningful display. The classification is assigned according to the importance of the associated feature.


Property Type Description
elevation integer Elevation in meters - Unlike a Z ordinate per shape point, this applies to the entire polygon. For elevation contours and similar features only. Also used for Point Features (like MountainTops).


Property Type Description
generalizationLevel number Generalisation Level identifies the level of generalisation applied to global cartographic content. The generalisation levels do not define explicit generalisation rules but support a level of detail hierarchy for global cartographic content.


Property Type Description
zoomLevel ZoomLevel zoom level (inclusive) above which the Carto is visible. Note: The Legacy displayclass is translated into zoomLevel.

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