Here are the layers that are currently available with HERE Data Layers and also what information you can expect to have in each layer.

Layer Description
Navigable Roads Road networks with topology and navigable attributes such as driving direction, road names, vehicle access, speed limit, and more.
Traffic Restrictions Multi-Link travel conditions for road networks.
Land Use Functional usage of the land such as parks, shopping centers, cemeteries, and more.
Land Cover Physical coverage of the Earth such as woodlands, wetlands, deserts, glaciers, and more.
Hydrography Water features such as lakes, rivers, oceans, bays, and more.
Buildings Buildings with their location and other metadata such as height and corresponding attribution.
Administrative Divisions Administrative Areas, Postal Areas, Zones.
Traffic Signs Traffic signs such as warning signs, priority signs, and stop signs.
Destination Signs Signs alongside roads to inform the drivers of upcoming destinations.
Places Places (aka Point of Interest) with metadata such as location, contact information, and hours of operation.

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