The Buildings layer contains two-dimensional building footprints with corresponding attributes (like Height and BuildingType), representing man-made building structures.

  • Building footprints can be single or multi-polygons. In case of multi-polygons, the footprints are grouped in the same feature.
  • A building footprint polygon can include holes.
  • Building footprints are provided with a name where available.
  • Categories are provided for each building to identify the general usage of the building, for instance in case of residential building, historical building, and many others.

Type of content included Description
Geometry Outline of the Building Footprint.
Object Building ID is the primary map object identifier and originates from the Earthcore building repository.
Building Name Name(s) of the Building.
Attribution Attribution detailing the building characteristics including Height and Feature Classification.

Go to Buildings schema definition

Possible Use Cases

  • Map display
  • Search
  • GIS analysis for City Planning
  • Flood modeling (together with Hydro primitive)
  • Navigation / Situational Awareness
  • Ride-share and Delivery pick-up and drop off points
  • Obstacle avoidance for aviation takeoff procedures

Land cover - Can be combined with Land cover to render a richer map with more features.

Places - Can be combined with the Places to render facilities within Buildings.

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