Common Metadata

Independent from the payload specific for each feature type, a set of properties carrying metadata is common to all Map objects:


Attribute Values Description
id Object identifier
bbox Optional bounding box
geometry Object geometry. This may be null for non-spatial features.
Type "Feature" Clients may be able to handle type "FeatureCollection”, but this is out of scope of Map Objects.
Properties.common.Featuretype FeatureType, e.g. Place, Roadsegment, Building. See “domain/FeatueType.json” for a full list of valid feature types.
Properties.common.isoCountryCode ISO Countrycode where the feature is located

  • Map Objects metadata
    • hashPayload - SHA1 checksum over the payload of the object. Metadata is excluded from the calculation.
    • createdTS - Timestamp of initial creation of the object with RFC-822 time zone.
    • lastUpdatedTS - Timestamp of the last modification of the object.
    • lastReviewedTS – Timestamp of last review of the feature.
    • lastUpdatedBy - Optional token identifying the user who modified the object last.
    • modelVersion - Identifier of the Object data model version.
    • sourceId – Source of the Data.
    • layerId – Identification of the data layer the feature is published in.

All metadata is optional and not published if not known.

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