Destination Signs

The Destination Signs layer includes directional signs along roads that inform the driver of upcoming destinations. The Destination Signs layer lists the various destinations visible on a sign shield and relates such destinations to a specific path in the road network.

Type of content included Description
Geometry The geometry of the from and destination Links referenced by the Destination Sign.
Object Destination Sign ID is the primary map object identifier.
Attribution Attribution applicable to the Destination Sign, including Names of Cities, Street Names, Industrial Areas, Route Number or other text on the Destination Sign.
Relation to the Road Network Connection to the Navigable Road for the path in the network to which the Destination Sign applies.

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Destination Sign Sample 1 Destination Sign Sample 2

Possible Use Cases

  • Autonomous drive simulations
  • Use to plan traffic signs and other analytics for road authorities
  • To identify missing signs

Navigable Roads - the Navigable Roads layer can be used in combination with the Destination Sign layer. In combination with the Navigable Roads, the Destination Sign can be used to identity where in the road network the Destination Sign is located, and at which point the driver can be informed of an upcoming destination sign.

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