Navigable Roads

Navigable Roads represents roads with their corresponding attributions. The Roads publish geometry for the centerline of the road and include attribution to make the road navigable. Furthermore, street naming with related address range information and administrative referencing is included in the Navigable Road primitive.

Other features included are:

  • Street naming with related address range information
  • Administrative referencing
  • The From- and To nodes ( Objects with geometry and attribution) to have the ability to create a Road topology network.

Type of content included Description
Geometry Centerline of the Road represented in the highest precision and accuracy of the road network in the core Map.
Object Link PVID is the primary map object identifier (to avoid more complex parameterized attribution, Topology Segments are not used in the Navigable Road primitive).
Road Name with Address Range Naming for the Road (Street Name, Route Number, ...) with the related Address Ranges.
Navigable Attribution Attribution that makes the Road navigable, that is, aware of road conditions.
Road Restrictions Restrictions applicable to the road, for example, a change in travel direction, access restrictions.
Administrative Reference Indication in which administrative area (e.g. City, Municipality, Province, Country) the road is located.

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Possible Use Cases

The Navigable Roads layer can be used to:

  • Build a navigable graph for the road network with a focus on passenger cars.
  • Compute routes using basic and more advanced navigable attribution.
  • Perform location referencing logic against the HERE road network.
  • Track and Trace / positioning against the HERE road network.
  • Render the road network based on specific display attribution.

The Navigable Roads layer are the foundational layers required to connect other HERE content layers, such as Traffic Signs, Destination Signs, or Relations.

Traffic Restrictions - the Traffic Restrictions layer includes conditional restrictions (either vehicle-type- or date-time-based restrictions).

Traffic Signs - position of the Traffic Sign in the road network.

Destination Signs - position of the Destination Sign in the road network.

Administrative Areas - each Navigable Road layer has a reference to its corresponding Admin area to denote the City and full admin hierarchy in which the road is located.

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