The Places layer contains global, fresh, comprehensive, and consolidated places for over 400 categories. Place attributes include location, name, address, and phone number Rich attribution (where available) provides more details about places, such as hours of operation, food types, brand and more. Each place has a quality score, providing an indication of its relative accuracy and completeness, allowing you to select places with the quality level that you need for your application.

Place represents entities like Business Facilities, Restaurants, Hotel, Petrol Station, Shops, Bank, just to name some examples.

Type of content included Description
Geometry Geometry of the Place is a point object.
Object ID of the Place is the primary map object identifier.
Name Name(s) applicable to the Place.
Attribution Attribution applicable to the Place, like classification, opening hours, contact information, food type served, and many more.
Attribution can be dedicated to a specific Place type only, for example, Fuel Type, Food Type, and so on.

Go to Places schema definition

Possible Use Cases

  • Search destinations based on specific Places.
  • Enrich map display based on Places.
  • Navigate to a Place based on the underlying HERE road network.
  • Get detailed information on specific Places.
  • Correlate Places to other content (for example, Buildings, Roads) for spatial analysis or deriving additional insights.

The user of the Places layer can selectively retrieve Places based on its detailed classification system or other attribution of the Place.

Navigable Road - The Place is a self-contained layer, however, in combination with the Navigable Road the position of the Place in relation to the road network can be obtained.

Administratvie Divisions - each Place has a reference to its corresponding Admin area to denote the City and full admin hierarchy in which the place is located.

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